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Why is my gig not generating sales

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Its been more than a year since i started on fiverr but as time goes im not generating sales that much i though after i achive a level ill be able to have more orders but its not what i thought and now im not getting orders at all.

favicon-32x32.png.def7f6f1b853966d7cbb66865b1c717f.png Fiverr.com e3645a63-6530-4fe7-b721-28d8e140371c.jpg.9f6d3a76fff0e22379c5af25bfc00145.jpg

paponword2430's public profile on Fiverr

Hi, i am professional web designer from Bangladesh. i have been working as WordPress designer almost 2.5 years.In my career as a wordpress designer i have done numerous challenging project and worked with many plugins so i am confident enough that...

This is my id can anyone point out any problems which may be the cause of my not getting ranked
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