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**emoji game round** 6️⃣ ? ⛵️?


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Since the Emoji Game Round 5 is at 536 posts, it is time to start round 6️⃣

Someone will think of a word, compound word, phrase, or sentence and create a code for it using only emojis. Then post it for others to solve.
Respond by:

  1. Guessing the compound word, short phrase, or sentence the emojis signifies.
  2. If you solve the emoji puzzle, then you can use emojis to make your compound word, phrase, or sentence for the next person to guess. It can be a place, an animal, a movie title, a saying, a book, or whatever you like best. Then convert your thought into emojis.

Continuing from the last game, it is now @mattboa’s turn to create a puzzle.

Let the play continue! Good luck 🍀 to all!

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