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An unusual order for an artist


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Paint required? Order required?

Sometimes I use BR as prompts for practice, as some of them are strange and make for a good skill challenge. (NO, I don’t do free samples. Yes, I did make an offer on this. It was from my early days on Fiverr, before I quickly learned better. But because I did bid, I still have the BR in my offer history. So you get to read the exact BR.) I didn’t get the order (in hindsight, good), but someone out there wanted this:

I am looking for graphic artists who can make publishing quality drawings for a children-adult book (think of the book Go The [****] To Sleep). The drawings have to be of a ‘psychedelic’ variety, and there will have to be an attention to detail, as several small details will need to be included in each drawing. In terms of the size of drawing think of your average Where’s Waldo (Wally) page size. The drawings will not be as busy as a Where’s Waldo page, but will be approximately the same size. The book is still in the concept phase, and I am currently seeking out illustrators who can help bring the vision I have for this unique project to life. Any examples of your art would be appreciated. I am looking for vibrancy! I want the drawings to catch the eye. For those of you actively involved in the cannabis space, you will have an idea of what I am looking for. If you area first time illustrator, do not hesitate to contact me. Talent outweighs experience.

I’m not involved in the ‘cannabis space’, but I do know abstract. (Aside from my gig samples, there’s also my framed work above my desk.) So this is what I came up with for practice, based on the BR, as a prompt:


Image1528×1528 472 KB
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From Fiver? I’ve talked about it before, but some may have thought it was a joke, but a Creepy smiling moon with engraved elves and dwarves in its teeth and bleeding out Minas Tirith. (it’s in my live portfolio)

Outside of Fiverr: A giant crested gecko, acting like King Kong on top of the Empire State Building with choppers shooting at it. (It’s been too long I don’t have that drawing anymore)

My weirdest are my own personal drawings or paintings, but I don’t think I can post the weirdest ones here, because they can be quite disturbing, so I’d probably get flagged. 😅

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