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I need first order


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Guest sazzad_ukphoto

Send buyer request regularly

Focus on your work

Be honest

keep patient

Share your gig as much as you can to social media and find places where your products can be sold.Try to stay online more than 15 hours.

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Follow the instructions

Hi all, I joined Fiverr 3 days ago and got my first order within in 24hrs and login Fiverr forum last night. Here read hundreds of articles about “How to get first order, not getting orders, and so on” that’s why I’m willing to share my secret strategy to get order fast and convince buyers when they contact you. Read these tips carefully and apply them all to show professionalism. Read BR Carefully: Check the client’s requirements and attachments to decide the project cost and time frame the…
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Here are some good tips for getting order

  1. Respond Proper Buyer Requests
  2. send 10 request daily

Improve you gig by doing some of these tips
Create the gig in which you are expert
Choose Accurate Keywords which may be searched by other users, so make sure keywords are must be good
Write Proper SEO based SEO for good ranking of your gig
Write Proper FAQ and Requirement
and at the end Attached Unique and attractive Banner for your gig
If you attached video then it will good.
Thank you

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you need to spend almost 2 days to make a research on making a perfect and high quality gig on your niche. see how other sellers are selling their service of your niche. make an outline of your gig description, services, prices and other details based on research based keywords. I hope you will get better impression and click that will further advance to get an order… Best of Luck! rakib

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