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Hello from a new Voice Artist in the UK

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My name is Johnny Flinton, I’m a self employed country/rock n roll musician based in East Of England. I have 2 weekly radio shows and now I’m embarking on something I’ve always wanted to do which is Voice over work!!

Please Please come and say hello! I’d love to connect with you all from around the world!

Best wishes to you all


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Welcome Johnny! I’m Adam, the music & audio vertical manager, excited to have you join the community. If you have any music/audio related questions or topics you want to bring up, feel free to check out the section in the forum for that 🔊

Fiverr Music & Audio

This is the home for music & audio discussions and news for anyone interested in music, audio engineering, voice-over, and more! A place for sellers and buyers to talk gear, tips & tricks, get feedback, and of course debate what the #1 DAW is.

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