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Answering The Question "Help Improve My Gig/Clicks/Impressions."


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This has got to be the most-asked question here on the Fiverr Forum. It gets asked at least ten times a day when I am sitting on the Forum. I would guess that it is actually asked closer to 25 times a day. It can be tiring to see it asked so many times on a Forum where the person asking the question can easily find the answers without posting the question.

So, if you are wondering how to improve your Gig…here are a few tips:

  1. Use Proper English

I know, English is a second language for a lot of new Fiverr members. However, most of the users here speak English and if your Gig Title/Description contains bad grammar or just doesn’t make sense in English, that is going to impact how much work you are going to get on Fiverr.

  1. Create Gigs Based On Skills You Have

Here is a real problem. If you truly cannot provide the skill that you say you have in your Gig, you are lying. Being dishonest at this level upsets Buyers and makes many of the rest of us Sellers look bad. If you are a graphic designer, great. But if you just use a graphic design software program, that’s different.

  1. Things Not To Put In Your Gig

Do not offer “unlimited revisions” or use the words “quick job” or “fast work” and have a Gig price of just $5. It sounds cheap and to many Buyers, this kind of cheap usually means it is a rush job. Plus, if you are not confident in your skills, Unlimited Revisions and a price of $5 signals Buyers to that fact.

How To Improve Your Clicks

  1. Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online

One of the biggest mistakes new members of Fiverr make is following bad advice they find on YouTube and other online sources. This includes things like staying online 24/7, sending 10 Buyers Requests a day, and posting frequently on the Forum.

None of these things are going to improve your clicks so quit doing them now!

Help To Improve Your Impressions

  1. Read The Note Above

The same rule applies to trying to increase your clicks. Quit following the bad advice you find online.

  1. Read Fiverr Tips/Terms of Service

All you need to do is do some homework. There is a Forum section titled, “Fiverr Tips” and it is there to help you. You should find answers to all of your questions in that section. Also, to gain a better understanding of how Fiverr works and why you haven’t seen any clicks today, read the Terms of Service.

Fiverr is not a guarantee.

Becoming a member does not automatically bring you freelance work.

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that’s great i hope it will help a lot of new members, but i also think “Patient” is more important. i have been member of fiverr for a month but didn’t get any order hope to get in future.

i also think “Patient” is more important.

Just waiting will not get you orders.

You need to read, learn, take action!

Be a Doer! 🙂

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