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Need help foe my order


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I had completed the order buyer said its perfect he liked
He asked for logo i made the logo but now he is saying that he asked for billboard
And reporting on me
The project is delivered and marked as completed he asking for cancelation
What i do now?

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You’re not really proving enough context to really tell who’s in the right here. Did they order though the gig, or was it a custom order?

If gig, did the Buyer order through your billboard gig? If so, then they might be in the right.

If custom, were the terms specific and detailed? If so, you say ‘no’. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller

I’ve completed your order to the specifications you’ve requested, and it’s great that you’re interested in additional services. Please note that my pricing for a billboard image is $X.

If a custom order, and you did not detail the contract, then again: the Buyer might be in the right.

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