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How seller offer appear on buyer request


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Hello dear friend.

I’m sorry if I may post this topic into wrong category.
I just want to know about how the offer that seller send on buyer request appear on the buyer side?

Is it appear based on the number they went in or random?
For example, buyer A post a request and then there is seller B who post his offer first time, following by seller C, D and E.

In buyer A side, will the offer appear on order by they went in so the first will be offer from buyer C and then buyer D and then buyer E? Or it appear randomly?

It just come out to my mind, if maybe it is a good idea if the offer appear randomly on buyer side.
Cause we (seller) know for sure that sometimes, buyer request not always appear each time a buyer post a request.
So sometimes when it appear, there is already hundred offer appear.
With randomly appearance method, I think it will give us seller an equal chance to get engaged with buyer.
So let the gig quality, offer amount and everything we offer determine the buyer decision.

But that is my suggestion, any opinion or experience about this maybe?


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