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Been on Fiverr for not a long period, but I have definitely noticed some things. Actually a lot of things! Logo(& Graphics in general) Design is undoubtedly the the most crowded category here on Fiverr, filled with a larger percentage of unprofessional people who would actually opt for free “Logo Maker” and other resources to create generic designs and deliver the so called project. Among such competition, It is really difficult to thrive, despite one’s skills!

Personally, I want my works to speak for themselves. Putting in the right and appropriate amount of time, energy, and dedication into every project, with my skills would definitely result in unique designs.


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You have said a lot.

Fiverr is flooded with Sellers who don’t have skills, have limited skills, have lied about their skills and have faked some skills.

It makes it tough on those of us who have the skills we are trying to promote.

However, Fiverr also has a reputation of being an easy platform to use and an easy one to qualify for to be a Seller.

It has a lot of good points including that there are a lot of very skilled Sellers here who produce fantastic, quality work at prices that are far less than other professionals in the same fields.

But I do feel your frustration as I have it as well.

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