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Improve the Sellers Gig

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so with my newest purchase, I just realized something.
That I have to mention things over and over again which gives me, sometimes,
a bad feeling, because I can’t really tell if my Seller is getting annoyed.
Well in this case I just told him that, and we also have a good conversation going on but still sometimes you wonder, if they coming with

hey here newest revision…

The dots bring me to think about it, if I did something wrong.

It would be nice to have a Note system for both.
I can’t really tell if my seller forgot about things that I mentioned earlier or even refused.
With a Note, he just could write under/attach to my note: “still working on that”

On the other side I wish Fiverr would at an option for sellers to add topics. Or even have a algorithms that it suggests topics for your gig. Sure their could add the link in their description but this would make it easier for other sellers who has the same offer. Because it will show what topics for your Gig are recommended.

After me and a seller had a little problem which we solved through the forums.
I rummaged through the topics for Tips for Buyers and discovered that:

I’ve hired a few voice talents over the years so I thought I’d share some information in the hope it helps both buyers and sellers understand each other more. I’ve done production for the BBC and my voice has been heard on radio stations around the UK, I’ve got real-life experience on both sides of the microphone that I thought I’d share. Before you hire your first voice over, voice actor or voice talent, there are a few things you need to know which will help you both have a better experience…

Which is funny because I just listened to a few deep voices beforehand to see if I could find something interesting. And after that I checked out a few other gigs to see if the forum was suggested somewhere… and by that I don’t mean at the bottom of the website.
So if I’m not blind… I don’t see it anywhere else. That is why I think, it would be cool if you could add as a seller topics to your Gig. Also that the forum is mentioned again which could be over the added topics.

And yeah I don’t really need to mention about a dark theme do I? 😛

What is your opinion about this?
Since my last purchase, I haven’t noticed anything obvious that would be new.

(I put this Topic to the Feedback Category because there is more potential for this Site.)

Anyways thanks for reading!
I hope you are fine - stay healthy!

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