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Hello! New here, looking for feedback

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Hello! I am new here. I do translation, editing and proofreading. Could you check my Gig out and see is there anything that I should change? Thank you!

(If it’s a wrong topic, feel free to remove it 🙂)

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Dear friend,

If you have been completed creating your gigs then nothing to worry about anything, if you think you have some minor error on your description part and on titles or even keywords/tags you can make changes up to your satisfaction & wish for the betterment of your clients/readers/buyers.

Great description will be attract most customers/buyers/clients overall but still it depends.
I hope you can do it very well as you are a editor with awesome proof-reader.

Welcome to Fiverr community! Wishes you earn a remarkable status on Fiverr.com

Happy Earning!

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