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I got a new keyboard, Keys Light up


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I just used some of my earnings (mostly from real-world clients) to buy a new keyboard.

The main reason was that the one that came with the PC required a key-combination to access the Media (Play) key which for me was a PITA as I constantly switch between the music I am listening to and something someone sent me.

I now also have backlit keys so I can work in the dark - not that I like to work in the dark but my dungeon is not blessed with great natural light. The keys can flash like an explosion in a spew factory but that is plain annoying (esp seeing they don’t keep time with the music - and the audio interface that already flashes) so I have a sedate blueish-white.

I just notice now tho that the media keys do not light up. Disappointing for night trypering 😦

I’m sure you are delighted to know this.

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I got the same keyboard for Christmas from the wife! It’s awesome. Better than any mechanical keyboard I’ve tried, since I type with purpose the noise tends to annoy her, so she bought me this. Couldn’t be more happy with it! Great keyboard.

I type with purpose

That’s what I shall say when the kid tells me I sound like I’m angry when I type, it’s okay for her, she got a MacBook Air for Christmas with backlit keys. A quid short of a grand and she watches videos of dancing cows on it. What an investment in her future - lol - she’s remote learning on it right now, with dancing cows open in another tab probably…

I tend to get cheap throwaway keyboards, they do things like fly out of windows, get stamped upon and smashed over desks.

Once destroyed one of those long clear Apple keyboards, then spent the day picking up keys.

The most angry I’ve ever been with a PC was a brand new Windows Vista machine, it was taking forever to delete a 2k file from the desktop so I punched the screen which made it somersault onto the floor, then I jumped up and down on it till the rage subsided enough to go and buy a MacBook which could dual boot in XP.

That still works, and runs an old version of Adobe Audition, just a shame the fan on it sounds like a plane taking off!

When you’ve been working with computers as long as I have sometimes you just have to live that fantasy of utter destruction out to the fullest.

I miss the ZX Spectrum, that thing was built like a tank with rubber keys, even if you raged on it, the damn thing would still load up Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner from cassette!

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I hear y’all.

This is noisier than the Dell but better. I was stunned at the noise from the hard core gamer models. It is like the manufacturers compete to make them noisier so they then have to compete harder with noise reduction on the headsets to over come the key clacking.

This is the first time I have bought a keyboard, let alone a fancy one. Like not one that came with the machine. My first Dell keyboard is still solid as a draft horse, it just was a total Celine Dion (went on and on). It was however all 50 shades of finger gunge so seemed time to move on with the new machine. Mistake as despite being a serious XPS model, the keyboard was worth about $5 and the Shift key was erratic so _apitalization was a _erpetual _roblem.


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