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Nueva freelancer / New freelancer

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Hola a todos, me llamo Sagrario y soy de España, acabo de iniciarme en esto del freelance, aun no he tenido ningún cliente aunque lo estoy deseando para saber que tal se me da todo esto. Porque según he estado investigando lo mas complicado es encontrar a tus primeros clientes, pero una vez ahí si has realizado un buen trabajo con sus reseñas positivas ya es mucho mas sencillo.
Me gustaría que los mas veteranos me dieseis algún consejo, así si algún novato mas está leyendo esto también podrá favorecerse de ellos.

Hello everyone, my name is Sagrario and I am from Spain, I have just started in this freelance business, I have not had any client yet, although I am looking forward to knowing how all this is going Because according to I’ve been researching, the most difficult thing is to find your first clients, but once there, if you’ve done a good job with their positive reviews, it’s much easier.
I would like the most veterans to give me some advice, so if any more newbies are reading this, they can also benefit from them.

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Hola. Your entire profile and one of your two gigs are written in Spanish.

While Spanish is a major language, the official language of Fiverr is English. I would therefore advise that you rewrite your profile and gigs in English. There’s no harm in also including the Spanish versions - but ensure that English is the primary language.

If you leave your profile and gigs as they are, on the one hand you might attract buyers with Spanish as a first language, on the other hand you might scare aware buyers who don’t speak Spanish.

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Hey guys

My name is westbrook and I just wanted to say hello to everyone and wish you a good day!
I hope everyone is safe in these difficult days. God will surely see us through

I’m new to Fiverr but not new to freelancing. I have had some success with other freelance resources and I will try now to earn a reputation in this great place.

Success to all newcomers to the platform, and thank you all for the useful links, have a nice day!


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