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On the way to level 2 seller


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Congratulations! please can you give me a tip or two how you do get orders…all i get ever since I joined fiverr is 168 impressions and 7 clicks. I have followed the advice and done what all the right things I an meant to do.

I was promoting gig on my social media and among my old clients, fiver alogrithm takes time to rank your gig specially if you dont have order coming it. So i would say start with promoting your gig in your network.

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Been college dropout neve though i would be able to make this much, no one in my family ever saw this much amount in their life time. My family is very proud on me. Thank fivers and my fellow seller for bringing such platform and helping me to make a living out of it. Now i can finally leave my job which hardly pay me 100$ month





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