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How can I get new orders and do gig marketing?

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Making money on Fiverr is becoming more difficult these days, with so many new people joining up hoping to earn money on Fiverr quickly.

Here are my thoughts on this - and, yes, it involves some work and thought before publishing a gig!



If you want more orders, here’s what you need to do: You need to research, understand, and reach out to your target customers. You need to Study, Understand, and Connect.

The only people who will hire you, are the people who need your services. So, if you want them to hire you, you need to understand who they are, what they like, and and what they need. Then, you need to determine how your valuable skills can solve their needs. I’ll say that again – THEIR NEEDS, not your needs – not what you wa…


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I have seen people promoting gigs on social media that really helps

I don’t promote myself on Social Media anymore. Here’s why: On Twitter…many of my followers are bots. They don’t spend money. On Facebook…many of my followers are friends. They don’t need my service. On LinkedIn…many of my followers are business professionals. None of them need my services. On Instagram…many of my followers are friends. They don’t need my services. Do you see a pattern here? Combined, I have well over 10,000 followers. I used to own a small town newspaper. Classified adv…
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For Getting Order on Fiverr, you can try these.

Research on creating gig by saw your competitor gig and then make yours.
Create 7 Gigs
Stay Active on Fiverr
Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, not copy paste template. (Most Important)
Create attractive thumbnails for your gig,
Create a Proper Description of your services.
Share your gig on the social media platform.

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