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Is it okay to paste external link of portfolio in proposal


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Thank you, but my question is, Am I put google drive link (pdf portfolio) because some of my friend doing.

Does Google Drive show up here? No? Then no.


The best lesson you can learn as a Fiverr seller is to - as we say in English - “Keep your eyes on your own paper.” It refers to test-taking, you don’t look at your neighbor’s test to see what their answers are, you focus on your own and keep your eyes to yourself. Anyone that is breaking Fiverr TOS will eventually get caught and have their accounts restricted or banned - it’s a matter of time. Don’t follow in their footsteps.

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PDF is already a thing you can insert in the Gallery so why link externally?

If you need a more elaborate display then use YouTube (just use nice music as poorly mixed free lieberry garbage makes you feel bad).

Herre’s one I prepared earlier:

Business is about being unique and showing you can solve a customer’s problem easily and/or safely. It is up to you to be creative in how you bring that to the customer, so long as you follow the rules.



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