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The system won't accept my phone number, for verification


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Hello there Fiverr Community.

I’m new here, on the urging of colleagues who are confident that my services are marketable and suggested that I open a fiverr account and publish my offerings.

My predicament is this , however:

After following the decidedly simply instructions to setting up my gig, I’ve been having a real problem getting my gig offer published, as for some inexplicable reason, that last page where one verifies their phone number, won’t accept my full phone number. It only allows me to input the 416 area code, but will not accept the remaining seven digits to complete the number.

Now, if I try to go past that page the system presents an error message requiring my phone number be verified and thus doesn’t go to publishing.

I have explored the FAQs for a resolution and have contacted support several times, yet my issue remains unresolved.

I am therefore reaching out to this forum, to see if anyone else has experienced this difficulty, and how
they got around it. Your assistance in resolving this frustrating issue, would be immensely appreciated.

Please advise.


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