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Buyer's order showing publicly after they leave a review


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Recently whenever my buyer leave reviews, the work that I have done for them is being included in my portfolio of work. I’m a ghostwriter, and I don’t think my clients would want the entire story that I’ve written for them to be shown under my portfolio of work (on my gig).

Has this happened to anyone else? Is the buyer selecting an option to have the work they paid for included in my portfolio? Is there anyway I can stop this from happening?

Does anyone know how to reach out to Fiverr in order to keep this from occurring?

I’m so confused right not because the last three orders that I delivered where the buyers left reviews, have all been included in my portfolio of work where others can see the story that was written for someone else that they may be publishing under their own names.

I’m sorry for all of the questions, but if anyone has any experience with this, or know how I can reach out to Fiverr, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I have very recent experience of dealing with this after an ‘annoyed’ buyer complained to me.

As a seller you can opt to have a live portfolio (or not) on your gig. It’s all or nothing though. You can’t decide what material appears in the live portfolio and what doesn’t.

However, the key part is that buyers can ‘opt out’ of having their work included in your live portfolio. When they leave a review, they can choose for their work not to be displayed.

To be honest, despite selling on Fiver for nearly 8 years, I wasn’t too sure how the live portfolio worked until I had to try and sort it for my buyer.

Although I still have my live portfolio activated, as a proofreader I am seriously thinking about turning it off - the only reason I haven’t is because I don’t know what the impact will be on my gig’s position in the search results.

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If your live portfolio is active, it is up to the buyer to decide if they want their work displayed on it. I believe the box is already pre-selected to display it, they just need to un-check the box.

I had a buyer harass me a month later about his order being displayed on my gig. I told them that it wasn’t in my control and that they were the one who choose for it to be displayed. They starting demanding free work after, I just simply laughed it off, told them to take it up with Fiverr, and blocked them after.

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Sometimes buyer skips or can’t click on the “don’t show my order image”, and Fiverr is set so it will always show something as portfolio image, but you can select what it is.

I created this for my last order (I make new different privacy image for orders):

image1279×834 256 KB

When I know the client doesn’t want his order to be seen, I include this image in delivery and set it as a portfolio sample. If the client accepts delivery and forgets to uncheck this will be shown as my order portfolio sample.

You have full control over your portfolio images. The client can only select to show it or not.

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I pray that the buyer doesn’t untick the show work option as this is one of the only ways that customers see what I can and have done.

If someone comes to me wanting work that I cannot show or lay my moral claim to, the price has to double or triple seeing an absence of work costs me future work. Credit is a very important thing. Just imagine if I made the music for Avatar II and my name was removed from the credits (or given to someone else) but they still paid $15. That would just about end my career instead of being the breakthrough that will bring me more work.

Image the work ghostwriting that book about Mr Grey would bring you!?! The general public doesn’t need to know but the industry does.

Fiverr’s default is correct. I also make it part of the buyer agreement that credit is shown with the work and display in my portfolio is a given unless otherwise agreed to and paid. I keep copies of work I like and show it myself if the buyer declines to send me a YouTube link (which is nuts for the free inbound links and visits from my site/s and Facegram).

Here’s one I delivered two days ago (on another platform note the credit at the end and that I can show it):

Yes, ghost work will be different but I assume the client is paying you for ghosting on top of writing n words of their story. If invisibility is vital either turn off Live Portfolio (understanding the costs to you) or have a few words in your Gig or Deliver to remind the client of their options (not that you need to but it removes their right to whine about poor choices).



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