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I had a weird conversation with a sketchy buyer


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Long story short. I buyer asked me to draw some naked figures in different poses and he sent me an email with normal drawing references. I asked them to describe me how they wanted the character to look like and then they disappeared. They never really made the order. I sent them a sketch today asking if they liked this style and then they started to get obsessive about having the conversation on email rather than the fiverr chat. I decided to quit because it was really weird plus I found replying on email really tedious and not practical. What they asked plus the obsession with making it all private was kinda weird so I wanted to ask if there is a way to report this user. Here the full conversation:

What else can you draw?

I can draw fantasy/sci-fi theme character, anime style character. I focus a lot on creating characters rather than scenery

Have you done any nsfw or gore?

Nope, I’m not really into that

You wouldn’t try ?

It depends on what you want.

I need 10 characters full naked in different pose

If you can describe me the type of characters and poses (or send me some photos for references) I can do some bn rough sketches and if you like them I can do the final draw

Okay I can send you some private have you got e,mail?

my email

I received the email. Can you tell me how do you want this characters to look like? Hair, skin etc, are they all female?

Sure I can send you, can you reply ?


1 week passed

Hi I tried to make one of those poses, I used an anime style because it felt more suitable. Let me know if you like them this way

Ma’am what happen to you never answer me?

I was waiting for another email/message with the description of the characters, but I didn’t get anything even in the spam section. I thought you were busy or that the email got lost so I decided to try to do something anyway. I’m sorry about this

I told you to reply to me did I not make it clear? I need work done fast not waste time

I replied “Yes” after your question when you said that you could send me the descriptions and asked me if I could reply but after that I didn’t receive any message or email from you, I was expecting to get the description after my “Yes” reply. Did I misunderstood something?

Yes you misunderstood I said I will send you after you reply to me

But I replied “Yes” here, or did you meant replying using my email?

Using em,ail

sorry I didn’t understand that you meant with email, I thought that replying here was fine

Well let’s try this again shall we? I want you to reply to my em,ail I sent to you a couple of days ago

Can I ask you why you want me to reply with my mail and not here? There is no problem for me receiving emails from you with the descriptions or references, but I personally prefer to comunicate here because I use my personal mail for a lot of other things and I want to keep it separate from fiverr.

Because I want to keep my work private and if this is too hard for you to do then you should just tell me you can’t do it instead of pretending not knowing what I mean. So it’s up to you if you are serious and want us to do long term work let me know.

I mean the chat here is private and the final draw can be sent by email without making it public on my gig, but if you prefer to comunicate via mail I think it’s better for you to find another person on fiverr who is ok with that. Have a nice day

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Is there any way to report a buyer like this or there is only a blocking option?

Because you followed through when the buyer gave you the email, you broke TOS. So if you do report him, there is a possibility that you will get a warning as well.

From the messages above, I didn’t see any reason for the buyer to take it outside of Fiverr in the first place. I’d just block him and move on. No need to bring down your account in the process.

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