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The ‘earned this month’ figure on the seller profile is great to watch grow up and up but I’m curious how that number is calculated. I have been carefully watching it and trying to figure it out without much luck. I’ve decided that it’s not calculated by delivered orders because it doesn’t rise after a big delivery. Does anyone know? Perhaps when an order is marked complete by the buyer or when the funds are sent into the 2 week release waiting period? I’m very curious!

I also wish that Fiverr had a graph or something to show what we earn over the days, weeks, and months in the revenue section (similar to how you can track viewership on blogs). That would make it easier to track average earnings and be more sure of our financial footing because the 2 week gap between delivery and revenue release can make tracking income a little difficult.


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Because of I had some trouble with that amount (it showed a pretty wrong number) I opened a ticket asking the same your question.

This is part of the answer I got:

Sorry if this is confusing 😦 “Earned this month” comes the amount $$ in completed orders (those that have entered the clearing process) within a calendar month.

Please consider that a wrong amount is showed to many sellers nowadays, but Fiverr team knows about this problem and they are working to fix it.

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