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I’m sure Fiverr and Fiverr forum are working the same way. But When I read your post “Your Fiverr account and your forum account are separate” my concept clear. Because, Click on the Forum option Will be open a new window to read the forum. Your Fiverr account window click a few minutes after than you will be see your profile active status is gray. Your profile is not active. However, Fiverr forum is helpful for salers.

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Thank you for the advice but “”

> Your Fiverr account and your forum account are separate

“” i don’t understand this line please tall me about this line.

The Fiverr account is solely for creating, managing and selling your gigs. It is not a place to contact sellers and have discussions about your Freelancing career. If you do need services from another seller then you would need to switch to buying mode and look for a seller for the services you need.

The Fiverr forum is a place to have professional discussions and to learn from other sellers and even buyers, whether new or experienced. Reading some posts from other sellers will help you learn from them and see what you can do to improve your gigs and selling skills.

Also, if you are a seller, it would be beneficial to pay attention to posts by buyers as well. It will help see how their experience is on Fiverr and understanding their mindset. It will also be useful to understand what not to do and not make mistakes when you are dealing with buyers.

The forum is not a place to sell your gigs. That is taken as spam and a short cut without doing the actual work of promoting your gigs. You can get your gigs reviewed though.

The Fiverr account and Fiverr forum account fall under the Fiverr platform. You can use the same username and password to login, but you have to login separately, either via the app or the website. Logging on to the Fiverr account does not mean you are automatically logged in to the Fiverr forum account.

I hope this helps.

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