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New Sellers .... The True Way to Success!


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That's a great advice! I truely agree with your advise @lloydsolutions

Forum is a place where we all can find insights of "how we can improve our existing skill from the different diversion.

And rather than "focusing on the getting clients" its better to focus on the "multi-layered information"

Multi-layered info is consists of the various of ways on "how to get the clients"

Its basically help us to find the actual ways to get on the destinations

Like, * What are the steps we need to get  a valuable clients?
* what the clients are searching for? Are we able to help them enough to solve their problems?
* What do we require when buyers will come to us?
* Are we ready to on-board our buyers on a simple & easy journey which makes them happy?
* What are the pains that buyers are facing?
* What solutions we have to resolve the buyers pain points?
* Are we differentiating ourselves from the competition? Whats that purpose that actually makes unique from others?

and so on......



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On 12/29/2020 at 3:15 AM, lloydsolutions said:

Posting on the forum will not get you sales.
Use the forum to read and learn from experienced forum members and sellers.

From last few days, I saw that some new seller are posting their gig link on the Fiverr forum. They think Fiverr forum is a good platform to get some client. And I saw some youtuber also promote it. But it is painful. Fiverr Forum is a good platform to learn tipps & tricks from experience seller and member. hope every new seller may understand it.

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On 12/29/2020 at 4:42 AM, mjaninea said:

👏 Very well said! The forum is filled with topics made by new sellers with the traditional question “How to be successful on Fiverr? How to get the first order?” Before asking that, I suggest to research for that topic since there are sooo many existing topics with tips for New Sellers. Also, never believe in Easy Money. Money never comes easily, specially in the beginning. Sadly, many youtubers have made people believe that it is easy to make money on Fiverr and they come here unprepared, create a gig and only waste time.

Work hard. Always. Nothing comes easy.


so what should I do as a beginner to increase the number of order? I received first order after 1 day I created a gig and do not know what to do next. I just updated my Gig more professional, reliable.

Please share your experiences. Thank you so much.

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This is a very important topic. Presently new sellers are many times lost in Fiverr. They come to the Fiverr marketplace for earning a lot of money. But not get orders because they are not much time active and not skilled.
Thank you very much for your valuable advice

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How easily you can explain the real fact. At the beginning I also think like that. But one odd buyer make me feel it highly that the place is not so easy. She always shunting me to give bad review and communicate by third party who is her personal assistance.  The triangle communication was so irritating. Everyone should avoid and try to save own gig from such kind of buyer whos are not communicate directly. 

Thank you

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