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Hey everyone, i'm a New Composer here on Fiverr


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Hey everyone, I do have some prior experience in composing for big name Video games, but I wanted to expand so here I am on fiverr.
Any tips to increase my impressions for my post? I’m not entirely sure if people can find me by searching up “Composer” just yet.

favicon-32x32.png.74310d4b72773eb19723599878e7c691.png Fiverr.com

albertkim666 : I will compose an epic to deeply emotional cinematic...

For only $50, albertkim666 will compose an epic to deeply emotional cinematic orchestral track for you. | Place your order.Send the details about your project.Wallah, and I'd appreciate it if you could write me a review.Hey, my name is Albert Kim and...

heres my gig ^^

anything I could improve? Thanks!!

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