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Is there any way to get our gigs on to the First pages of categories


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Essentially from what I can see. Make a short title, pick relevant keywords to the category, and offer up something unique. A video in your gig is a must.(IF you notice, 90% of the gigs in categories have videos.). Note, this is advice from someone that has maintained a position in at least one category for over a year. So as far as I am aware, I am led to believe that this advice is solid. Do note, however. Some categories are EXTREMELY competitive, so if what you offer isn’t 100% unique, you may have a hard time showing up in the category no matter what you do, and that is when you should start to focus more on the keywords you choose for visibility in regards to SEO.

If you have something unique to offer to a category, you can contact Customer Service and inquire to ask to talk to editors to look at one of your gigs to see if it can be boosted up or potentially “featured” for more exposure. Goodluck, and welcome to Fiverr 🙂

Your “Design 2 Unique Logos in 24 hours” may have a chance to get featured if you put in a video and submit it to their content editors. I recommend making a compelling video for it first. It’s a unique deal and it’s a great price. Fiverr likes hot ticket items, ones that they know will sell if there is a decent portfolio attached to them.

“Design a popout stylish unique logo” I feel has a chance to be in a top category, not sure you’ll be able to get accepted for the “Logo Design” one without more feedback though, but you can inquire about it.

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Guest celticmoon

There are many posts with advice on optimizing gigs, for example:

There have also been many discussions about how to be a featured seller, or get on the Fiverr front page, etc. and unfortunately there is no one answer. @freelancemm covers this topic well, and offhand I can’t think of anything to add.

Good luck, but remember, we ALL want to make good sales and be featured sellers~!


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