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Need someone who can rap like witchouse 40k, if you know trash gang, you know what I mean with the vibe


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A) This is not the place for this sort of thing. This is a Buyer Request
B) If you are going to request a partner you need to create a far more professional presentation.

That includes:

  • Who you are, website, FaceTube, past tracks etc
  • The track so far, share an mp3 so people can see if they are hip to your groove
  • Budget, the more you offer, the more professional the result should be. Peanut offers (anything under $50) may be common but they don’t make you look remotely serious. Similarly offering stupid amounts of money like the $50,000 I saw on something this morning is just dumb.
  • While you have suggested a target, take care that you don’t rule out someone better who brings something far more unique and suited to your song than getting stuck in a clone rut. the world doesn’t need another Justin Bieper seeing we already have one. Same with Eminem.
  • Great you have asked for Portfolio, make it clear that you will look at portfolio to get a feel for prospective singers as this is their heart & soul here. How they have their portfolio tells you a lot about their professionalism. Even be kind enough to reply to everyone who sent a Portfolio. Never Ghost anyone.


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