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Promoted Gig Feature Has a Serious Bug


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Hello Guys,

Don’t destroy your business with promoted gig option.

in October 2020 I got promoted gig feature which I used and it worked very good for me and I made revenue and good permanent clients as well but the nightmare starts when suddenly I seen gigs impression from 800 to 0 and that day I started inspection of my profile and I found all ok with my profile my active order were $1000 and in pending revenue was $500+.

After every single stats I checked in my profile, then I decide to check all gigs ranking manually and I did that and found my all gig at the last page on the same category and on a same keyword.

I opened a ticket: They replied nothing is wrong with your account and everything is fine.

after some days and 3 days ago I received an order from repeated buyer and I reviewed the order information and replied to client on order page.

I received approximately 13+ notification about review the order requirement and 13+ same emails

I told Fiverr about this issue and they haven’t replied to me yet.

I did a research on google and youtube and found this video:

this video is 100% matching my situation.

Now, I’d like to see how many seller see this thread and agree with me.

I’m also listing some sellers thread which I read:

This is a long topic and thread. There are a lot of things you could disagree for. If you notice something which is not correct, tag me and tell me what needs to be corrected. I recently noticed this “bug”: Top sellers from the first page get thrown to the last page and then forgotten forever. If you came here to learn why and how I fixed it, you’ve come to the right place. However, this may take a lot of effort from your side, so, get ready! rocket Before I show you the steps to fix your …

hi dudes, i have been on the first page for the last 2 years, but suddenly, without no offense, my gigs was transfer from the first page to the last page, and i have tried so many way to make it back to the firrt page, but no avail… i will really appreciate if any one could help me on this… i an graphics design, i work on eCover

As i Got Many, Similar Topics About New Sellers, As my account is concern, I’m On Fiverr Since 2016, And now on this 15th i will be eligible for Level 2 Seller, In Past 2 months I spend my maximum time on Fiverr, But Suddenly It happens with my gig, It dropped to last page. If it would be only one gig? than its Ok, My almost all gigs Dropped to the Last page. And i don’t know what to do now? My whole income was reliable on this. Any Answer? or solution NOTE : No bad rating, Almost 150+ 5sta…
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