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New to this. A few questions


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I’ve been on fiverr for about a week. I’ve done a few voice-over gigs. My questions are;

  1. Do we only get paid when the buyer is satisfied? Possibly after 4 or 5 drafts? Completely ok, my #1 priority is for satisfied customers. I was just curious if buyer pays $5 up front or if they pay once once the project is done.

  2. I just noticed that “my gig” and an “express” option. Not sure what that means.

  3. I see some gigs having add-on options for more $. How do I add add-on’s in my gig?

  4. Do we automatically have to take gigs? Or can we turn one down and not be penalized?

    Thanks for the answers!
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  1. I would set a revision policy for each gig that you make to avoid those wanting 10 to 20+ revisions of something. When a buyer places an order they are immediately charged and the funds get held by Fiverr. After an order is completed it auto-completes after 3 days or upon the point of which a user leaves feedback, then it goes into a “pending clearance” for 15 days. So essentially after you complete an order, expect to be paid for it 15 to 18 days after completion.



  2. It just indicates that you can deliver the gig within 24 hours. Some people don’t want to wait so when they go searching on Fiverr sometimes look specifically for a quick delivery gig.




    3.There is a level system. After 30 days you can become a “Level 1 seller” if you get an ok amount of orders that lets you add some gig extras. Then a “Level 2 seller” that lets you add more extras, and a top-rated seller lets you add more extras at higher prices.




    4.Well, there is a “mutual cancellation” option that can put your levels at risk when you get them. In my opinion it’s not very mutual if it puts risk to your levels.

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