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Client asking for free sample work


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I am getting such messages that waste a lot of time asking for free work as a sample for there project:

Me: Estimated cost would be $ 350 and 15 Days (not 7 as in the request)
Please let me know if that works for you.
Please feel free to ask if you have any doubt or questions.

A Client: one more things

A Client: this project is my company project but alot of people are just waste time and my company don’t want to do this again but i convince them , that i will find a professional which is going to do it
so if you can do it give me update about my project at least\ if you can do this 7 secs video and show them , we can now do the whole project… if you can do this to show my company , then we start the whole project

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Just offer them to create a quick test task. If they still want FREE sample, in 90% of cases they will get free video (or anything else) and never order your services


Recently some client asked for the sample and then he shared it with other seller. By coincident that seller was my friend.

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Some Buyer requests

Dec 23, 2020
o soja hardem Helllo am looking for 3d animation that can create these within 2-3 days listen{teti ko gbo } pay after work , is good

Dec 23, 2020 baliqueen
(Mio ni ba odun loo) Read carefully I will order you after update I need a 3d animator only for my project but he will firstly create character of Black kid 10 years old with a faded hair cut to check his quality work after that we will get started

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Nope. Absolutely not. You have plenty of examples in your gig, and if they can’t figure out if you’re the quality/type for them, they’re either trying to scam free work out of you or they’re just lazy. Either way, you don’t want to work for them!

Thanks you so much !a buyer who is belligerent and demands free unlimited revisions is a person who, at best is just rude and doesn’t value your time and professionalism, and at worst is actually scamming you for free work.

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