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Completed 25 months Fiverr journey!


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Hello Awesome People!

Joined Fiverr on 29 Oct 2018.

  • Received my first order on Nov 2018 ($20)
  • Received my second order on Mar 2019 & 10 more orders completed in same month.
  • Became Level 1 Seller on 15 April 2019
  • Became Level 2 Seller on 15 June 2019
  • As of Today 23 Dec 2020 Completed 774 Orders, Crossed $50k Earnings with All-Time Rating 4.9
  • Eagerly waiting for an email from Fiverr “You Are Top Rated

How do you guys see my Fiverr journey so far? I really appreciate any feedback to be TRS 🙏

Thank you!

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Congratulations i hope you will get your top rated level soon

Could you please share your vulnerable experience so it will be helpful for new seller


For new sellers I have some suggestions:

  • Keep patience. You won’t get orders immediately just after creating your gigs. As there’s lot of competition it will take some time.

  • Try to Provide some different/new services to beat the competition. If you are creating your gig that hundreds are already providing then it’ll be very tough to get orders.

  • Keep promoting your gigs every where you can.

  • When you start receiving orders always deliver more than asked so you will get long term clients.

Thank you!

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