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"easy being @ fiverr fun $"


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The title features 5 different points.

  1. Easy Being
  2. @ Fiverr (can also mean working on fiverr.com)
  3. Fun
  4. Fun Dollars
  5. $ - Money

    What exactly are these concepts? If you follow these Five concepts your guaranteed success.


    When a buyer purchases your gig, be calm, and devote yourself to the project intensively. But maintain proportions and continue to speak with clarity and be easy on your buyer.

  7. @ FIVERR

    What does it mean to you?

    If you would tell your friends that you work on Fiverr… If you can say that you have accomplished hundreds of orders being @ Fiverr… Then you have built up quality which you can then show to non-fiverr users. So remember when building your fiverr brand (your username) you’ll always have a benefit of saying: I work, and I accomplish many of my projects only @ Fiverr.

  8. Fun

    Bored stiff? That’s not good. Too grumpy? Even worse. Your buyer wants to know that when messaging you, you can reply with solid answers. Getting your buyer fustrated is very easy especially when you don’t provide full sentences. Think about it yourself. And put yourself into their point of view. However, you must make your presence on Fiverr a fun one. When people see you having fun, they’ll laugh with you. Eventually you can build stronger relationships which may lead to a solid continuous job.

  9. Fun Dollars

    Fun Dollars are referred to unqiue, yet funny gigs. Why not offer one funny gig to show your buyers who you are? Your personality is great and when you work with me I’ll spill in a few jokes! It’s these gigs which kick off better and actually promote your other services offered. Fun Dollars will lead to exposure once you get people talking about it.

  10. Dollars

    Making Money sure sounds fun, but there are a few simple points one must take into consideration.

    Literally,- manually research your gig, specialize it’s wording so that it can focus on a different market for example:

    Mike offers a Logo Design gig, however Fiverr has thousands of people offering it. Their title text are; “I will create a super logo for you” or “I will make a cool logo and draw it for you” Then your title text should look something entirely different. “I will create an astonishing modernized effective logo for you in 24 hours” with that complete, your gig is guaranteed overall clicks just becuase of the title change. (*more views than the plain title)

    Our tagline.

    Be creative. Be unique. - Even if the services you want to offer on fiverr are their already.

    Make your gig OUTSTANDING. That’s what better ranking and marketing is all about.

    Signing off until my next coffee…ffee yummy!



    "Unique Advice and Services To Complete Your Online Presence"

    Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.
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