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Hello friends I am new seller on fiver

Guest rizwaali122

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hello dear,

i am best photo editor

i make the beautif picture

hello dear,

Don’t call at people “Dear”, “Friend”, "Sir’’ , “Madam” …

Using “Dear” in place of someone’s name/username is very colloquial and I thought this would help some sellers with their communication wink GOOD USES: “Dear seller”“Dear buyer”“Dear NAME” (example: Dear Bob)“Dear USERNAME” (example: Dear Bob1989)NOT GOOD: “Hi Dear”“Yes Dear”“No Dear”Using a person’s username or actual name is a better choice than simply calling them Dear (it’s much more appropriate), and it will help you build a relationship with clients.
Good morning fellow Fiverrians and Fiverrettes. I woke up a while ago, I logged in and realized I had a message. The message was one of those please-help-me messages so I had the usual “Oh here it comes again” reaction, but what reaaallly ruined my morning was that this person called me "dear." I get it. They are trying to be friendly. I do. 98% of the time when I get a message, people use “sir,” because they assume I’m a guy. I am aware that some people do not like this and I can understand…
Is it just me or alot and alot and alot of sellers use the word “dear” too much. I mean its ridiculous, your probably laughing at how i’m getting worked up but it’s so annoying joy. Anyone finds it annoying like me?

i am best photo editor

How you are the best among other experienced sellers those who have been working for many years on photo editing?

How you were able to judge yourself that all other worldwide experienced people are doing poor work in comparison with you? (Because you said you are the best !)

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