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Any WordPress developer is here?


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Guest humanissocial

It’s a pointless thing to offer. Even if you didn’t have any expenses $5 is incredibly low money. But on top of that to offer this particular service you would need to buy products for resale. So you’d make even less than $5 to host something for a year. Dont just ask yourself if something is possible. Ask yourself: what is the point?

The point of business is to be successful, not to take a loss.

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I have seen so many sellers provide premium plugins or themes(elementor pro, Astra pro) for free and it just for 5 with lifetime updates!

how it possible!

Can we do it really??

Please help me. I am very anxious about it. 😦 .

Plesee halp 🙂

how it possible

Anything is possible online if you have skills and knowledge, but that anything is also illegal.

They can offer it for 5$ because it doesn’t cost them anything, because 5$ is a lot of money in their country so the profit is not same when someone from US or UK makes 5$.

And also lifetime support and unlimited revision is just there to attract buyers. Some will be happy some will be disappointed.

Most of such sellers do not count on quality and large income from one sale but quantity.

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