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Buyer gives me 1.7 rating on my first order


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Sorry to hear this (whether it was deserved or not).

Does anyone think @jobair_alam will get a second order at 1.7*? Maybe best to start again…

Maybe best to start again…

I don’t think you can do anything with a profile like this. I’ve seen CS being lenient to newbies in such cases but OP would have to reach out and ask them directly.

I remember someone getting 1* review that was untrue. It was a nice design, completely in line with the person’s portfolio samples, not at all the incompetent shock and horror the buyer tried to present it as. So they got a permission to open a new account but they’d have to close an old one. And to close the old one they had to withdraw all the funds. Which they couldn’t do because it was only $4 and it was less than the smallest acceptable limit for withdrawal. So they got stuck and never updated the post after that. Who knows what the procedure is for such cases.

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