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Why are buyers able to skip requirements even if I make them mandatory?


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So I am a translator on the platform for a few years now. Since some buyers managed to buy gigs from me without providing any requirements when ordering or chatting with me before, I decided to make it mandatory that they provide files as a requirement.

Still, many people who talk to me over the chat and end up accepting my offer still have the option to skip requirements which results in the order being incomplete for me. From there, two things can happen.

  1. They provide a random picture which is not related to the order at all and saying “you have the files already” (somewhere in my download folder which has thousands of files)

  2. They don’t understand that the chat system is completely separate from the order system and it takes about an hour to explain it to them because they usually don’t speak English too well or don’t have too much knowledge of the platform. Since they are from all over the world I don’t judge them for that by the way!

Especially Top Buyers who are basically middlemen who are not willing to put in any effort fall into category 1. They know what is going on really well and still they don’t seem to care at all. We should be able to turn off the “skip requirements” function if we make providing files mandatory. That would save a lot of time and also confusion on the buyer’s side. This design decision is especially confusing since the order system asks the buyer to confirm that the order requirements are complete. What is the point of being able to skip that?

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Maybe, They are not able to skip if it’s mandatory but the issue could be due to this flow of ordering where orders are first created and the asked for requirements.

I’ve seen many threads regarding to “decline order” button which would be great if implemented but if it is somehow not possible I would suggest just a simple flow change in ordering as an alternative . Now in the Fiverr ordering process when a buyer orders buyer first pay and then fill up the requirements . The suggested change to address the inappropriate ordering to some extent would be to: Moving the adding requirements step before paying for the gig and ordering , So that the buyer a…
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