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NotiFiverr Extension


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Guest humanissocial

There is a new product that came into the market named as NotiFiverr Browser Extension and many people are using it. I wanted to know that should I use it too? Does that Extension will affect my Fiverr account?

many people are using it.

Means that many people are responding to BRs very early, which means it doesn’t give you an advantage.

The key to getting BRs isn’t being the first to apply as buyers wait until they get something that fits their requirements. They don’t accept you or become more likely to accept you just because you responded fast.

The key is to demonstrate in your response to the BR that you understand their problem and are a good fit to solve it. Most sellers who respond don’t do that.

Instead of just asking if something is allowed, consider asking if it is effective. Very few, if any, tricks are.

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