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Growing Business Models for Mobile App Developers after Covid-19


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The Covid-19 has caused a strong change in the on-going business models. Some models have been shut down, and others were born. In this article, I will talk about two major business models that started to rise after the appearance of Covid-19. If you are a software developer (specifically, mobile app developer), you will find these models very common on Fiverr and other sites. You will find a lot of projects talking about the complete solution or even a part of it.

The first business model is the E-Commerce, You can find many employers looking for freelancers that are working on this sector to implement a complete solution that allows customers to shop online, make orders, and receive deliveries. This model has a strong potential and mobile app developers should give more care about it.

The second business model is the E-Learning, where people can get education services while they are staying at home. This also include video conferencing solutions implemented as part of the E-Learning systems.

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