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Buyer asked me to help with her exam!! WhatsApp her!


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I’m a new seller. Just joined last week. No sales yet, but I read the Fiverr ToS on the first day itself.

This morning when I checked my Fiverr app, I had a message from a buyer sayjng she would need some help regarding her business requirement analysis.

I asked her to specify the details of the help she needs. She replied within 15 minutes saying she needs me to help her ‘during in exam’, to which I told her that it would be against Fiverr ToS to help her with her exams. The buyer then replied right away asking me if I could WhatsApp her?

I refused with a simple ‘No’ and blocked her. I didn’t feel like reporting her but now I’m thinking if I should report her?

Should I ? Or just leave it be?

This happened like like an hour ago. I don’t have a timeframe to report her do I?

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