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How I can Get my first order as a photoshop editor


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A few tips I can share
-work on your profile (make it real and captivating, use personal pictures as much as positive) people feel more comfortable to know they are dealing with real person

  • be active online to upscale your rankings (fiverr begin to see you are a serious seller the more you are available online)
  • check on the BUYER REQUEST section more often to be able to sent across your offer early enough (since you aren’t ranking amongst the Top sellers yet, you would need to put yourself in a noticeable position for buyers)
  • lastly, when sending your offer for the buyers request, make it convincing to tell them you are willing and able to help them on their project. Use some personal statements like
    “ (I read through your request and I am keen to help you make this project a success because I’m a pro on (e.g UI/UX, graphics dev)
    message me and let’s talk about some other details that will get us started immediately)”
    You know even you would be captured by such coincidence and willingness is a seller like that :+1:t4:

Wishing you best of luck
I hope this little tips would help a bit
(We rise by lifting others) :v:t5:

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