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Buyer As fiverr not happy


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The problem with fiverr is that if you withdraw money from Paypal to fiverr balance whether it is from refunds, You can’t access that you can ONLY buy gigs you have to open a help ticket to withdraw money.

I am waiting for my refund…Give my money back fiverr.

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I know reading TOS when signing up is hard and takes time, but for important thing such as money payment and refund, every person signing up should check on that. in old days you would not get full refund, only amount you paid to buyer, the fee would stay with Fiverr so Fiverr did made some changes in updating by giving you back full refund. The money transfer is a longer process and yes it is targeting buyers to keep using money on the site.

This is not some out of the ordinary move by business establishment. it would be strange if they did not have option to return your money at all (some sites do that).

Sorry you had bad experience and sorry you transferred that large amount you can not live without. The money on your Fiverr account will stay there forever. I as buyer asked for cancelation 3 years ago and I got only the amount paid to seller back not the fee and I just left that on my account balance.

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