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Be cautious of FAKE BOT traffic gigs! We provide REAL traffic from major sites


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LEVEL 2 Seller - After a break and getting caught up on clients projects we are proud to say we are back again. Our highly sought after REAL traffic gig is also back with REAL TRAFFIC from major sites relevant to your link. We also provide you with a tracking link from Google so you can see where your traffic is coming from, how many visitors, and time spent on your site. This can also be seen on your favorite website tracker. We have LOW BOUNCE RATES of 2-10% (Depends on your content) not 100% like all other gigs on fiver that use bots. This can hurt you on engines and make your rankings worse, even sometime risking your site being “black listed” and banned from engines. Our traffic is low bounce rates, multiple pages viewed (again depends on your content) and longer times spent on your site due to us placing real relevant links to your page. Our current 95% is only due to some buyers expecting sales, sign-ups, etc. While some good content and designed sites have seen sales and sign-ups, some will not, nor can we guarantee sales as your content and design is out of our control.

Our proven ethical method allows for people surfing in your industry to take notice of your link (pre-targeted visitors) and will help you in engines, increase your rankings, and raise your site worth if reselling it. This is also good to promote your Fiverr gigs (if any) If you need a website built for better receivable traffic, we can also help with that.

We hope to provide you with high quality REAL traffic soon. First 50 orders will receive something special as a thank you. Have a blessed day!


See our gigs here: http://www.fiverr.com/socialex101

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