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I have a question on the review videos


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A while ago, I had several orders (about 5) with a client. They specified they wanted a certain image on their videos, but never provided the image, only the videos. When I requested they send the image, I did not receive a response for the entire lifetime of the gig, and to prevent my service from being marked as late, I delivered a copy without the image. Foolishly, I did not send the videos in their delivery quality, but rather in a low quality “preview” style, informing the buyer of the reason. (After the gig was closed, I was contacted via the inbox with the image and I sent over the normal version with everything set and everyone was happy.) Unfortunately, now I have two videos on my reviews/works page that look absolutely horrid in terms of quality, and as far as I am aware, there is no way to get these off my gig page. Is there any way for me to contact support to have these removed (as they are not representative of my work) or possibly have the buyer remove them? It really doesn’t look good to have these 💩 level videos as samples of my work.

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