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Order and reviews issue


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Hi, I just completed the order and my client is happy with my service.
Now the issue is he said

> he gave me a review

and I m unable to see that review of what he is saying he gave me. While on the other hand, I m also

> unable to give him the review



  1. Client didn’t give me the review and just lying ( is this what’s happening with me)
  2. there must be some wrong with the Fiverr algorithm ( Because

1 of my past client did the same

with me)
3) or there should some time delay in showing review to my timeline

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Hi, the most recent review was 6 hours back from Columbia and has a rating of 3 stars. If this is what you are talking about then I’ll see if ther is any way I can help if not a little bit of elaboration would be great 🙂

yes it took 5-6 hour to get the review on publish.

Client wants to edit his review is there any chance??

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