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Tardy the ladybug


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hay guys. you know that infamous bug where the seller delivers on time, buyer requestion revision(s) and the order is inexplicably marked as late?

my understanding is that this is just an old bug and that as long as a seller makes a full initial delivery and does so in time, they can ignore that can ignore that late warning and it will disappear when the order is marked complete. so you dont’ have to worry about expending the delivery time. am i correct in this?

i ordered a couple of gigs from a seller and i seem to be their first customer. bloody nice chap, with i could promote him, but anyway when i ask for revisions he wants to extend the delivery time. i always oblige, but try to explain that it’s a bug

i know this comes up every once in a while, like the “love spell” threads. my first post here was a comment on just such a thread. i came here and used the search function to find such a thread that i could link him too, but worryingly all i found was threads that say something different, or nothing at all

so am i right is saying it’s a harmless bug, or is he right to extend the time? he’s a new seller and i don’t want to mess him up with bad advise


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