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We discussed and buyer cancel the order


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We are on Fiverr for almost 2 years and made many orders as well. Our previous experience on Fiver was not good enough, we(Buyer and we) discussed and after this, he canceled the order. We are interesting, how you are trying to avoid cancelation on Fiverr?

A little more about our case

  • YES, we have made everything which was written on our GIG and was shown on our portfolio main promo video(btw he was very happy with the promo video and wanted something like this, which of course we did and did it much better), but after delivery buyer asked to re-make all order with a different style which he does not mention at the beginning of the conversation and we said - NO because of its needed HUGE time.

What do you think, it was a good decision to cancel the order, or should we asked the CS for help?

p.s We offered him to re-edit(to avoid cancelation) those parts which he does not like but…

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