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Kindly read my story and share your thoughts


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Hi dear freelancers.
Please read my short story and help me 🙂
I have been using fiverr since 2019 my niche is web development, from 2019 tell February 2020 i couldn’t receive any order then in February 2020 i received my first WordPress ecommerce of 200$ order from a US client and i successfully completed the order with 5 star rates. After that, the client loved my work and sent me 7 more orders and i got 2 more orders from other clients and become seller no 1. My problem is that i can’t get any order from oder clients i just have one clients and my gig doesn’t appear in search i tried many ways to seo optimize my gigs but no results i am really disappointed. I have the skills i have more then 5 years of experience…
I would love to hear your experience and tips thanks

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