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My Story, Your Experience


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Dear all,

I got a bad new this morning. After checking my Fiverr account, it said:

"Hey best_services_,

Great news! Your $123 revenues (for example) were sent to your PayPal account.

Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance."

I was SHOCKED and asked myself, I saw $123 on my Fiverr account and didn’t withdraw my money yesterday. Why?

Consequently, I checked my Paypal and see $0 in my account balance. It means that there’s nothing transferred into my PayPal account within 7 days.

Unfortunately, Fiverr sent a 2nd email to me, it said that:

"Hi best_services_,

We have noticed you chose to change the PayPal email connected to your Fiverr account.

Your new Paypal email will be: ABC@mail.com (for example).

Please note that PayPal withdrawals from the account will be disabled for the next 24 hours.

If you did not request to change your PayPal email, please contact our customer support.


The Fiverr Team. "

The strange point is ABC@mail.com is the email which I registered when I joined in Fiverr and withdrawn my money. So, why it says “Your new Paypal email will be: ABC@mail.com” ???

I sent all my problems to Fiverr Customer Service with a hopeless 😦

This money is used for living in the next month.

I don’t know what do I have to do now 😦

So, my story, your experience.

Best regards,

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I feel really sorry.

If it’s not a account attack and stolen money it could be a problem on Fiverrs part.

Make sure to snap screenshots of everything.

From your fiverr payment going to 0 from $100.00, - to your paypal account saying zero.

I understand your hardship as you have completed alot of orders for it so you’ve really earned it!

Best of luck,


The Creative guys | 2014

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This has been my story for today. Exactly the same thing happened a few hours ago with me. Same messages received… fiverr showing zero balance…and funds not received in my PayPal account… dropped a message to fiverr support, but they have not yet responded. Looks like my hard-earned money has gone down the drains…

best_services_ has fiverr responded?

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I’m disappointed that Fiverr has not responded. Please send a tweet to Fiverr Twitter with a message and you may get better support. Since tweets are short, be sure that you provide your username and ticket # in your tweet so they can read the full details.

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If I share my information to my friends or someone, I will undertake this responsibility when my account is hacked.

The question is: I don’t share my information to any one, and I use only my personal laptop. One day, I check my Fiverr account and see my money lost. Is it sensible if Fiverr says “this is YOUR fault” ???

It’s like when you make a deposit to the bank. One day, when you go to withdraw your money at the bank and see your money lost. Is it sensible if the bank says “this is your fault” ???

Well, it has been 5 days since this last message I sent to Fiverr and NO RESPONSE from them about my PayPal situation as well as answering my questions!

VERY disappointed about Fiverr Customer Service! 😦

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