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Significant drop in gig impressions?


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Hey guys!

About a month ago I had a huge drop in my impressions (1300 to 130) which of course led to a huge drop in my sales. The drop happened in the middle of a 2-week gig editing spree. The first week upping the price, the second week trying to fix the mistake after a drop in impressions. A newbie mistake I suppose.

Anyway. I decided I had to stop editing and just let them get back into the algorithm. I did one final large edit so everything was cohesive, that was about 9ish days ago. Getting a few orders here and there but not really an increase in impressions/clicks/etc.

I hit level two today (woohoo!) and I’m hoping for a bump in all these stats. Does anyone have advice? Should I just keep waiting and allow the algorithm to do its thing? Is 9ish days not enough time to really see the impressions jump up or is it a keyword issue?

I have loaded up on my own research by scanning this forum and diving deep into old episodes of fiverrcast but have not really been able to boil it down to anything.

Thanks so much in advance!


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Hi Naturalleedzine, here are steps for you to follow to increase your impressions and chances of conversion

  1. Stay Online always
  2. Promote your Gigs on Social Media Platforms
  3. Use the Buyer Request Section
  4. Look for High Search Volume but Less competitive Keywords in your Niche

I look forward to see you earning back on Fiverr again

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