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I don’t get order.so what should i do? Pls anyone suggest me

Guest saiket_debnath

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a) Prepare title of your service, you can not change URL of this so make sure to use all keywords in it and then change it later in to “normal” title
b) Prepare custom images 3 of them in JPG format and add all the data you can in the details (JPG also have stars rating comment title autor copyright, all of this should match your gig title and keywords)
c) Prepare PDF file (you can put your photos in Word file and export as PDF to add more photos in your gallery
d) Prepare video for your service
e) write down description for your service and check it for consistency and grammar errors
f) write down packages, title, what is included and set prices and revisions and timing
g) write down all the extras
h) write down FAQ
i) check the Fiverr categories and make sure to split your GIG services into different categories to have more visibility around the site

Once you have all of the above ready then create GIGs with it and if you do not get orders use the Buyers request section but with caution.

Keep in mind that all of the above is a long LONG process.

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