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Help me to understand fiverr rules


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Hello I can understand your frustration but knowing Fiverr rules doesn’t give your gig chance to appear in the first page there are so many things and factors that affecting to gig ranking in Fiverr according to algorithm which is no one knows correctly.

That’s not mean you cannot get your gig on the first page according to your category you can provide a unique service that other sellers are not providing and you can put best images to your gig portfolio not only that uploading a video to your gig is extra beneficial because it’s give a clear idea to the buyer what he/she will get from you.

You can refer this Fiverr page to get more knowledge about being a seller and how to manage your profile and many things-https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/

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Guest humanissocial

You don’t rank well because you follow rules. And there are thousands of sellers who follow all the rules. How would they all rank well.

I suggest you research how algorithms work and read the rules of Fiverr yourself instead of asking us to hand them to you.

Also we’ve discussed sales thousands of times in the forum. If you want to make sales you must research. The forum is not a shortcut to avoid researching.

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