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Thank you Fiverr, for changing my life


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Thank you. I suggest looking at your impressions. If you’re not getting enough impressions, you should consider adjusting your titles, tags, and gig descriptions.

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WOW! This is so inspiring, it only took you A YEAR!

Have you experiences down moments or days-weeks-months with no order? How did you achieve that? It would be great to hear your story 🙂

Anyway, congratulations and thanks for inspiring us!

Thanks! In the beginning, I would only get a handful of orders each month. So, there would be a week or two where maybe I got fewer orders. But in general, I saw an increase over time in the frequency of orders. In the beginning, the Buyer Requests section really helped me gain some traction and get orders. These days, I rely primarily on organic orders that come in through my gigs. To get here, I did a LOT of research. I read lots of tutorials, watched a bunch of YouTube content related to Fiverr, took the free Fiverr Learn course about being a freelancer, and just worked my tail off to do good work on the platform. I really think it paid off.

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